About S-Bot

S-bot itself is an automatization software which use gamers all over the world in order not to spend so much time on boring tasks in game. It uses many ways of interaction with game. Mostly it moves with your mouse so from game's point of view it acts like a normal human what provides very good safety.

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Program web page Game Version Status Download Link
S-Bot for DO DO v1.97 Online Download
S-Bot for HZ HZ v1.02 Online Download

About Author

Nickname: ssamko
Age: 20

I am student of IT with maximal possible laziness level and that's why I create automatization softwares everywhere it can save me some time. I like programming itself but I am not that guy sitting 24/7 next to PC. My other hobbies are for example running and street-workout. Many of you ask me where I from...country in which I was born is Slovakia(politically terrible but still beautiful country). And what is my dream ? To be a millionaire and to buy a yellow Lamborghini, so with supporting my work you are helping me to achieve my dreams. PS: I won't show you my real face so I have drawn myself in paint. :D