Features Normal VIP
Collect normal boxes
Collect event boxes
Collect booty boxes
Collect ores
Collect palladium
Change map after destruction
Repair ship(base,port,spot)
Automatically close tabs
Set settings itself
X-1, x-2 NPCs
Better safety
All NPCs
Use mask CPU
Run when..
Binding bot hotkeys
Type of flying through map
Buttons for buying ammo, rockets, mask
Detailed stats
Open home/game from bot
S-browser usage
Invisible mouse
Background version
Pricing FREE 5,99€/month


1 month5.99€
6 months24.99€
1 year48.99€

For PAYSAFECARD and BITCOIN payments you can also contact me on my facebook here: Martin Paška

For PSF payment send me message with:
1)Country in which was PSF bought
3)How much you want to spend from PSF(example: 5.99€ or WHOLE BALLANCE)
4)Game ID

For Bitcoin payment send me:
1)For how long you want a license
2)Your game ID

Paypal / Credit card

DO game ID

What is Game ID or DO game ID ?

*License paid with paypal will be activated immediately after payment. With Paysafecard in 48h.
**Be careful when you fill in your game ID. In case you write it wrong we won't give your money back !
***If your license won't be added in 1-2 days please contact us on Facebook with details of your payment.
****When bot doesnt work for you it is not set well,it is user's fault, money refund is not possible.