About S-bot

It is bot for space browser MMO RPG game.
S-bot is very smart tool which helps you to earn some uridium,credits,XP,honor. How? It plays instead of you ! You normally start your game, set up S-bot and then start it. You don't have to spend a lot of time by playing. You can start bot and you can go out or you can do something more productive.


Actual features

  • The safest bot for you ! 0 banned users since 1.7.2015
  • User friendly GUI
  • Collecting bonus/event boxes
  • Collecting booty boxes
  • Collecting ores (prometium,endurium,terbium)
  • Repairing after destruction+come to previous map
  • Buying invisibility
  • Formations
  • Using PET+PET mechanism+repairing PET
  • Turn off count down
  • New function which will set setting for bot instead of you
  • Run away after attack when is invisible
  • Collecting multi function(collecting boxes/eventboxes/booty at a same time)
  • Killing NPCs (beta)
  • Palladium collecting (beta)
  • Background version
  • Extra safe features

Not yet

  • NEW Project SAI (2017)